Writers Conference in Bethlehem


Saturday, April 22nd @ 2:00pm


A Reading in Celebration of Poetry Month at the Whitman-Stafford House

Featuring Therese Halscheid & Christopher Bursk

The William-Stafford House
315 Maple Ave.
Laurel Springs, NJ 08021

Free. Open to the public.
Sponsored by the Stratford Public Library, RSVP requested.
Contact: Alfred Encarnacion, Library Director @ 856-783-0602

Join us for a special afternoon of poetry, in the historical home where Walt Whitman summered with the Staffords.

4/ Saturday, May 20th from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Writing & Yoga Retreat:

Bernardsville, NJ — SATURDAY, MAY 20th, 9:00am – 4:00pm. Join us for a full-day transformational workshop that combines writing with yoga practices that ground and uplift your creative writing potential. Healthy lunch included. This workshop is for everyone: beginners to advanced. Upcoming theme is The Voice of Transformation.

Facilitators: Therese Halscheid, Julie Shaw, Donna Baier Stein

Sponsored by Tiferet Journal. Registration required. Call 908-872-1775 or email editors@tiferetjournal.com.
Register online: http://tiferetjournal.com/events/writing-yoga-retreat/
For more information contact:

Donna Baier Stein: Publisher of Tiferet Journal
editors@tiferetjournal.com/ 908-872-1775

Therese Halscheid
thalscheid@gmail.com / 609-238-2155

some shows never die- and with POTUS telling us to fear or hate peoples and nations this show is tragically relevant.

Here’s a clip

Here’s the show:

Fifty years ago, NET now WNET placed this ad in the New York Times:

The film had been rejected by all three major networks for reasons including “It has no host or narration!” and “It was not produced by our producer.”

Then rave reviews appeared in Look, Life and Time magazines, all major US newspapers (including The New York Times- which called it “ the most sensitive hour of Television this season”) and from broadcast critics.  Fred Friendly, former CBS News President, said it was “the finest civil rights film ever made”.
A Time for Burning is a story told by those who lived it.  One parishioner in the film said he did not understand “the problem” since “I had a negro in my Gym class.”  Another told her minister that she wanted God to bless them “as much as he blesses me – but I just can’t sit next to them.”  A black barber told the young minister “you talk like this and you will get kicked out of your church”- his prophecy was fulfilled.

This is not a film about fire hoses, police abuse or race riots.  It is about how hard it is to see who we really are and make the changes that need to be made in how we see one another.

Time for Burning is fifty years old this year but its story, sadly, is as relevant today as it was when PBS first aired it. Maybe more so given POTUS inclination to create fear and hostility toward Muslims et al.

Please join me at the IFC theater on 323 6th Av. Tuesday April 18 @ 7pm  when Time For Burning  will kick off Stranger Than Fiction’s Spring Season as their Opening Night film.  STF will be hosting this one-time showing and projecting the 35mm blow-up made by the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences for their archives (it was nominated for an Academy Award back in 1968). I will be there for Q & A

Hope U can come – only screening In 35mm


Bill Jersey


This is an invitation to all artists & creators: Show off your work in historic Clinton!

We have 47 wall spaces for art or photography; and 4 locked display cases for 3D works. Shows may be one artist, or several who join to make one show.

Our shows run for a calendar month. There is no fee to exhibit, and the Library does not take a % of sales. I must add that this is not a venue that generates many sales.

At the moment, July, August and September 2017 are available for both 2D & 3D shows; in November the cases are available, and in December the art space is available.

I am eager to hear from Artsbridge members, and to share your talent with our visitors.
Mary Noone-Kozakiewicz
Reference Librarian
Display Curator
North County Branch Library
65 Halstead St.
Clinton, NJ 08809



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