Basia Andrusko

Real Art on real Eggshells: A collection of Ukrainian Pysanky, Ornaments and Pysanka Jewelry.


Facebook: PysankyByBasia

Instagram: PysankyByBasia

Emily P Chang

The heART in my Process is Supremely Connected to Humanity with my 5th house Aquarius Sun rendering Heart-Centered creations for Everyone.


Facebook: epichanged

Jeanne Chesterton

As a still life painter in the realist tradition, I am fascinated by the features of common, ordinary objects which show the beauty marks of age and wear.


Facebook: Jeanne Chesterton

Michael Cooper

Multimedia artist with over 40 years of experience with primary discipline in sculpture and drawing.


Instagram: michaelcooperart

Katherine Derstein

I am a homeschooling mother of three, realistic still life/landscape painter with a focus on simple natural subjects.


Facebook: Kate Derstein-Fine Art and Murals

Instagram: katederstein

Gary Fournier

Gary is an award winning painter that primarily uses oil in the impressionism style and loves to paint the natural world, particularly landscapes and seascapes.


Facebook: gary.fournier2

Instagram: gdfou109

Ponder Goembel

Ponder Goembel is an illustrator, painter and teacher living and working in Northern Bucks County PA.


Facebook: Ponder Goembel, Artist

Instagram: Ponder Goembel Artist

Dre Grigoropol

Dre Grigoropol is a fine artist, freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and multimedia artist.


Facebook: Dretime Design

Instagram: Dretime

Therese Halscheid

Writer/photographer whose itinerant lifestyle — by way of house-sitting — captures the natural world through photography, poetry and lyric essay.


Facebook: Therese Halscheid

Deb Hoeffner

Professional artist and illustrator with a soft realism style using paint and pencil to capture the spirit behind the eyes in portraits of wildlife, pets and special people.


Facebook: Deb Hoeffner Art

Instagram: Deb Hoeffner

Linda Kreckel

I’m a watercolor artist with an affinity for rural landscapes and florals who strives to capture strong values and shapes while artfully preserving the soft transparency of watercolor.

Facebook: LindaKreckel

Megan Lawlor

Megan Lawlor is a contemporary oil and pastel painter of landscapes, seascapes, marine art and portraiture.


Facebook: Megan Lawlor

Kathleen McSherry

Recycled, Repurposed, Redefind


Facebook: Kathleen McSherry Artist

Gun-Marie Nalsen

Fiber artist

Website: www.aidabirritteri.artspan.com

Facebook: Gun-Marie Nalsen

Instagram: gunmarienalsen

Kimberlee Nentwig, GSWS, PWCS

Watercolor Artist who strives for a photorealistic style in primarily floral and fauna.


Facebook: Kimberlee.Nentwig.Art

Christine Ochab-DiCostanzo

I like my artwork to be thought provoking, emotive, and colorful.


Facebook: Fine Designs by Christine

Santford Overton

Photographer of nature including landscapes and wildlife.

Facebook: Santford Overton

Pat Proniewski

Pat Proniewski, currently pursuing realist renderings of pastoral landscapes and florals in oil and casein.


Facebook: Pat Proniewski

Instagram: Pat Proniewski

Sue Ann Rainey

I create watercolors and photography of local places, scenes and things that capture my eyes.

Facebook: SueAnn Rainey Photography

Instagram: sa_raineyphoto

Ilene Rubin

Through my art, I explore shades and colors of beauty—the tones and silences between what is seen and what is felt.


Facebook: Ilene Gottesman Rubin

Instagram: PaintMeIlene and ilenerubin1

Norman F. Simms, MFA

Bucks County artist and Bucks County Community College instructor who creates dynamic paintings and drawings in various medium to deliver a universal message that life is a beautiful thing, despite unexpected bumps and twists that occur during life’s journey.


Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith is a freelance illustrator and fine artist working in pastels with a focus on contemporary still life and plein air.



Aurelle Sprout

Although I have an eclectic style of painting, ranging from representational to abstract, and from acrylic to mixed media, the focus is on creativity and an expressive relationship with nature.


Robert Sussna AIA NJWCS

An Architect, painter, and teacher of classical transparent watercolor of urban and rural landscapes founded in 20th Century figurative and abstract art.


Susan Winter

I am an eclectic painter of oil, collage and pastel depending on my mood.


Facebook: susanwinterartist

Instagram: susanwinter