Jeanne Chesterton

As a still life painter in the realist tradition, I am fascinated by the features of common, ordinary objects which show the beauty marks of age and wear.


Facebook: Jeanne Chesterton

Michael Cooper

Multimedia artist with over 40 years of experience with primary discipline in sculpture and drawing.


Instagram: michaelcooperart

Katherine Derstein

I am a homeschooling mother of three, realistic still life/landscape painter with a focus on simple natural subjects.


Facebook: Kate Derstein-Fine Art and Murals

Instagram: katederstein

Therese Halscheid

Writer/photographer whose itinerant lifestyle — by way of house-sitting — captures the natural world through photography, poetry and lyric essay.


Facebook: Therese Halscheid

Gun-Marie Nalsen

Fiber artist

Website: www.aidabirritteri.artspan.com

Facebook: Gun-Marie Nalsen

Instagram: gunmarienalsen

Kimberlee Nentwig, GSWS, PWCS

Watercolor Artist who strives for a photorealistic style in primarily floral and fauna.


Facebook: Kimberlee.Nentwig.Art

Kathleen McSherry

Recycled, Repurposed, Redefind


Facebook: Kathleen McSherry Artist

Christine Ochab-DiCostanzo

I like my artwork to be thought provoking, emotive, and colorful.


Facebook: Fine Designs by Christine

Megan Lawlor

Megan Lawlor is a contemporary oil and pastel painter of landscapes, seascapes, marine art and portraiture.


Facebook: Megan Lawlor>

Santford Overton

Photographer of nature including landscapes and wildlife.

Facebook: Santford Overton

Pat Proniewski

Pat Proniewski, currently pursuing realist renderings of pastoral landscapes and florals in oil and casein.


Facebook: Pat Proniewski

Instagram: Pat Proniewski

Sue Ann Rainey

I create watercolors and photography of local places, scenes and things that capture my eyes.

Facebook: SueAnn Rainey Photography

Instagram: sa_raineyphoto

Norman F. Simms, MFA

Bucks County artist and Bucks County Community College instructor who creates dynamic paintings and drawings in various medium to deliver a universal message that life is a beautiful thing, despite unexpected bumps and twists that occur during life’s journey.


Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith is a freelance illustrator and fine artist working in pastels with a focus on contemporary still life and plein air.