River Rats – The Artsbridge Plein Air Group

Come and join us to find out how liberating painting outdoors can be.

When you paint “en plein air”, you get to see, hear and feel all of nature’s many moods the things that you just cannot experience by painting in your studio.

For the past 8 seasons we have visited over 20 exciting locations, all within a half hour drive of the Lambertville / New Hope area.

There is no instruction or format for these sessions, and you can come and stay as long as you wish. Painting sessions are generally scheduled for Friday mornings at 9:30 AM. If the weather forecast is not favorable, an alternate “Best Weather Day”of the week will be selected. In the winter, sessions are scheduled if the temperature is close to or above 50°F.

When announced in the weekly notices, you may want to participate in a voluntary lunch break to meet your painting colleagues and discuss various plein air painting topics. Bring a sandwich or snack and join in the discussions.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Bob Barish, program coordinator, at Please make sure your name also accompanies your email address so we know whom we are mailing to. We respect your privacy and none of your mailing information will appear on the mailings.

You must be a paid up Artsbridge Member to receive the regular weekly announcements, however any interested artist will be sent the notices for a limited trial period to see if you would like to become a regular Artsbridge member and be added to the mailing list.