Artsbridge November 16, 2017
Distinguished Artist Series:

Marc Schimsky
Art Produced by Holocaust Victims-A Focus on the “Terezin Four”

Thursday, November 16, 7 pm
Prallsville Mill, Stockton NJ

“Pay No Attention To That Man Behind the Fence,” 30″ x 30″ encaustic and oil on board by Marc Schimsky (photo credit Marc Schimsky)


Buck’s County artist , teacher and activist, Marc Schimsky has always had an interest in helping people learn the dangers of apathy, the use and abuse of power and how the decisions of individuals, groups and nations to act (or not to act) in the face of hatred, oppression, tyranny and violence effects the history of humanity.  Marc’s talk will focus on the sketches of ghetto life produced by a group of artists who were imprisoned at the ghetto/camp known as Terezin (or Theresienstadt in German).

Please join Artsbridge for Marc Schimsky’s presentation at the Prallsville Mill, 33 Risler Street, Stockton, NJ on Thursday, November 16 at 7pm.

Marc taught high school art for 35 years. During those years, he developed an interdisciplinary program for his school that involved teaching about the Holocaust through the Visual Arts. In 1996, Marc received the New York State Art Teachers’ Association’s Raymond C. Henry Award for creating, developing and implementing interdisciplinary projects involving the use of Art to Teach History at the Secondary Level.

He also presented a workshop entitled “Teaching About the Holocaust Through the Visual Arts” at the 29th Annual Scholar’s Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches held at Nassau County Community College, Garden City, N.Y.

From 1996 to 1998, Marc served as an interviewer for Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation and in 1999; he received the Louis E. Yavner Teaching Award from the New York State Board of Regents for outstanding contributions to the teaching of the Holocaust through the visual arts. It was during this time that Marc became focused on the works produced by a group of artists who were imprisoned at the ghetto/camp known as Terezin (or Theresienstadt in German). Terezin was a fortified city in the north west of what was then Czechoslovakia.

Between 1941 and 1942 elderly Jews from Bohemia and Moravia, together with prominent Jews from Czechoslovakia, Germany and some western European countries, were sent to Terezin. Among these Jews were 4 Czech artists who made sketches of ghetto life. This had to be done under cover, in an attic or amidst a thick throng of people, so that the SS would not discover them. Scholars and historians refer to these 4 artists as the “Terezin Four”.

Marc is a painter, fine art printmaker and mixed media artist. His mixed media abstractions communicate his interest in memory, the passage of time, history and travel. When describing his work, Schimsky says, “Generally, my paintings deal with matters of texture, movement, energy, rhythm, the ephemeral nature of life, the passage of time and a fascination with the techniques of abstract expressionism.  I find the intuitive and improvisational aspects of abstraction liberating.”  Marc works to capture a sense of a moment lost or of an encounter missed using a wide range of media including oils, acrylics, solarplate etchings and digitally collaged images.

Schimsky earned his Masters in Fine Art from Pratt Institute.  In 2017, Marc won the “Top Prize in Painting” at the Artists of Yardley Juried show as well as the “People’s Choice Award at the Artsbridge Members’ Show at Prallsville Mills in Stockton.  His photography, printmaking, solarplate art has also won various awards in the tri-state region.

You can also visit Marc’s website at to see more of his work.





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