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Robert Hansen

“Acrylic Abstractions-Capturing Imagination on Canvas”

Thursday, April 20, 2017
7:00 PM
Prallsville Mill, Stockton NJ


“Street Scene” Acrylic painting by Robert Hansen


“Barcelona” Acrylic painting by Robert Hansen

If you love Abstract Art, don’t miss this opportunity to meet Philadelphia artist, Robert Hansen.  Robert’s presentation will explore why and how he paints illustrated with numerous images of his abstract paintings.  Hansen says, “My art springs from a passion for the color and light that I see in nature and the man-made environment, filtered through my imagination.”  Please join Artsbridge for Robert Hansen’s presentation at the Prallsville Mill, 33 Risler Street, Stockton, NJ on Thursday, April 20 at 7pm. 

Moment's Escape
“Momentary Escape” Acrylic painting by Robert Hansen

As a preview, Hansen says, “My paintings start with a color palette.  I love opposites—the interaction of hot and cool colors; but I also love contiguous colors on the color wheel as well as the tints and shades of all of these. I like to mix and merge pigments, creating colors new to me and to others. Use of light is important in creating another dimension in the work; if dark conveys mystery and ambiguity, light passages convey discovery and joy. The exposed layers of paint often indicate the path my creative process has taken, and there is no reason to cover all the tracks. I rarely plan a composition; rather I let it evolve in a way that pleases my eye or creates an effect I desire. Accident is an important ingredient in my work; authentic painting requires keeping free to let the unexpected happen. When people ask me what is the meaning of a painting, I tell them it is the pleasure, surprise, excitement, peace, or mystery that I experience and want to share.”

You can also visit his website at www.roberthansenart.com


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