Lauren Zurmuhl & Trudell Green

Thursday, Jan 18th at 7 pm
Prallsville Mill, Stockton, NJ

 Lauren Zurmuhl: I am a twenty-six year old woman who has had cerebral palsy since birth.  My original home was in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and I now reside in Wilmington, Delaware. I am passionate about animals and my “furry friends” bring me much joy. I have an associates degree from Bucks County College. I have been interested in art most of my life, but I was often frustrated by my inability to paint because I have limited use of my hands. One day I came across a technique which allows me to put my artistic vision on canvas despite my handicap. A new world has opened up for me, and I am excited to share my art with others.2018 1a

Trudell Green: I am an artist who primarily paints in watercolor. My art is all about the mystery…in each of us, the world around us and the unseen world within. I worked for Tim Lefens for a short time with young adults who were severely affected by cerebral palsy to varying degrees. Each artist had their own signals and abilities to communicate their vision to the “able bodied assistants.” Tim is the creator of the technique and author of FLYING COLORS, which explains his story and how the technique evolved. I worked with 5 or 6 students on Saturdays for an hour each.

During this time, I met a young woman, Lauren, who was able to communicate verbally and we have continued to work together as artist and “able bodied assistant” ever since. Lauren paints using acrylic paint and directs every part of the painting using the technique we learned from Tim and a few we have found ourselves. I am only her arms, since she cannot control her arms or body due to her cerebral palsy. I do not comment, recommend, discourage or suggest any part of her painting- this is truly HER ART.  She has created many paintings over the years and is excited to share her artistry with others. I am proud to be able to help her express herself in this way.

We will co-present and have a short demonstration of the technique as well as answer questions. Her paintings will be on display for the audience to view. We hope you will join us.






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